Bus Route Changes

I spotted a few covered bus stops on Ellen’s Ferry this week, so I dug around the Valley Ride website to check into it. Looks like we’ve got some changes happening to the two bus routes that serve our neighborhood. They are slated to begin 1/28/19.

#9 is going to every 15 minute service during peak travel times (morning and night), and every 30 minutes on Saturday. There are a few other changes to be aware of in case they impact you. First, the eastbound stop at Lander, and westbound stop at plum have been eliminated. Second, the express route (9x) is no longer in service.

#10 is splitting from the #12, so it will now serve a wider section of our neighborhood and connect to downtown via Hill Road (instead of State street). This route no longer travels down 28th street. It will instead travel down Hill Road and 15th street. It will also turn westbound on John’s Landing and continue down Ellen’s Ferry to State street, then proceed up Pierce Park over to Castle.

For more info, here are some links:

New route mapping: https://www.valleyregionaltransit.org/media/1680/boisecityroutesbig.pdf

Summary of public comment: https://www.valleyregionaltransit.org/media/1581/publiccommentreport_secondround_final.pdf

Overview of changes and comments: https://www.valleyregionaltransit.org/media/1582/overview_ada_canyon_finalproposa

Apparently this John’s Landing – Ellen’s Ferry connection was a part of a previous route through our neighborhood…who knew?!? Now if we could only get to run more often and on the weekends, we’d really be cruisin’!