Perfection Paralysis

We have officially made it to Phase 2 of National Street Service! This is great news. This is the time I was most excited about. We have done the solo soul searching, learning more about our cities, neighborhoods, and communities. Now is the time to go out and take ACTION.

Now that we are here, I find that I am completely overwhelmed by the idea. First, let me start by saying that my favorite experience during Phase 1 was hearing stories from people in the community. Far too often I get lost in my own ideas, and forget to gather alternate perspectives. That is what leads me to where I am now…

Perfection Paralysis

As a goal for Phase 2, we are to go out into our town and create an experiment. Broad and far reaching, eye opening and thought provoking. I LOVE this in theory. However, the reality is daunting! I start second guessing my motivations. I feel as though I don’t know enough about my neighborhood, or I’m focusing to much on one area and completely ignoring another. What if my “intervention” is not really needed? What if what I think is important for our neighborhood is the wrong approach, and if executed, would actually be BAD for the neighborhood?

I am not an expert. Not event close.

The words for this struck me this evening. Perfection Paralysis. A quick google search later and I was surprised to find that this was actually a common phrase…who knew?!? Like any good curiosity point in my life, I watched some great stories about this on youtube, and stumbled onto some tips.

  1. Set a time limit, then take action.

  2. I know I’m not an expert, but I’m going to do it anyway.

I reached out to my team lead today and shared my random musings and my insecurities. Whether or not he realized it, he gave me permission to move forward, in spite of my imperfections.

I’ve started down the path towards my goal, but I cannot expect myself to get it right out of the gate. I will fail. There may be ideas I propose that are unpopular, and I may upset people, but I have to be able to move beyond FOMOu (Fear of Making Others upset) 🙂

I hope that the intervention I’ve chosen is seen as harmonious and helpful by my neighbors. If not, I will be all ears to learn from this endeavor and fail forward for the next one.