Falling in ❤ with my Street

It seems “Gratitude” has been a bit of a buzzword this year. Books and magazines touting the benefits of investing time into gratitude journaling. Now take that idea, showing gratitude for something in your life, to the street.

Gratitude on the Street

Duck LoveWhat is it that you love about your street? What makes it special? How is it unique? Like the Street Art version of the Gratitude journal. Through the “tactical urbanism” of renegade signs, I called out the features I love on my street.

Unlike a personal journal though, these signs were out for all to see. Hopefully, they might even cause a neighbor to pause and appreciate their own street gratitude.

I chose a street in my neighborhood that I love dearly and highlighted some of my favorite features. While putting up my sign of appreciation of our neighborhood ducks I struck up a lovely conversation with a neighbor who was out walking her dog. I loved this opportunity to connect with my streets and show them some ❤! She too shared her love for our local wildlife!

Message of Gratitude

Postcard love

I took my message of gratitude to another audience and sent a short “street happiness” postcard to my local Planning and Zoning Commission members. According to google, these commissioners are tasked with “recommending to the local town or city council the boundaries of the various original zoning district and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein and any proposed amendments thereto.” Sounds like a good group to stay in touch with, right?

As I come to the end of the Soul Searching research for National Street Service, I’m glad to end with a bit of gratitude and happiness. I have appreciated the various ways these exercises have encouraged me to interact with, learn from, and listen to my street. I’m excited for more of these actions to come!